No Category Filename Description Download
1 Manual Book E-Business Registration Nowadays COSCO SHIPPING LINES INDONESIA proudly introduce E-Business which our business will use online service as main interface . Complete feature of E-Business can be used through certified user registration. Customer can freely log in to our website and register.
2 Manual Book Booking Online COSCO SHIPPING LINES INDONESIA apply E-Business for mostly service. To improve efficiency and effectiveness customer can book to our service by online.
3 Manual Book Shipment Plan Users can predefine shipment monitoring templates according to their own business requirements in shipment plan function. Customer may set up shipment plan on their Cosco web account.
4 Manual Book LOI Change Data LOI - Change Data
5 Manual Book OWS Charge
6 Export & Import Letter of Indemnity (Bank) Letter of Indemnity of the bank.
7 Export & Import LOI BL Required LOI - BL lost and the re-issuance of the BL is required
8 Export & Import LOI No BL Required LOI - BL lost and the re-issuance of the BL is not required.
9 Export Post Dated
10 Export Back Date